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Ginger Ale

Author Vicki Case Poetry General

First Chapter

Thwarted of Love!


Excommunicated by you

Your promise a deception

My needs and necessities irrelevant

All for your own protection


A warning for the future

That’s what you were

Thwarted of your love

How could this occur?


I trusted you implicitly

Loved you unconditionally

Protected you totally; but

Lost you mercilessly


To know that we could

Be so happy together

That’s the sad truth



Nothing you could say

Could yourself be redeemed

Nor will it take away

The times that I’ve screamed


So I have to believe

That what I desire

Can happen for me

So I never lose the fire


Footprints Upon My Heart


Your footprints

Have left their imprint

Throughout my heart

At a dawdle; not a sprint


Your broken word

It scorched my soul

Left if burnt and black

Abandoned upon a knoll


Your fingerprints

Adorn my body

Although not visible

To anybody


Your kisses

As sweet as nectar

Left their taste

Upon every oral sector


Your voice

A continual echo

That sings to me

Constantly and low


Yet the warmth

I felt whilst next to you

Is slowly fading

Will the others too?


My Armageddon!


You are the beautiful oasis

Within my own personal desert

Where abundant blessing I found

Which should have raised an alert


You epitomised tranquility

And took me on a journey

A personal pilgrimage

Akin to an arduous tourney


Seeking after light (understanding)

Searching for truth and love

Requires enormous resilience

And help from up above


I’ve accepted I must learn

From my experience with you

So I can better understand

The sensitivity of my heart too


My love and adoration for you

Was my Armageddon

My battle of right and wrong

But my love; it will never deaden


Not free of error

Or innocent of sin

This love battle I lost

Before it could even begin


My Legacy!


There is only one man

I want knocking at my door

But he doesn’t have the courage

And this; I implore


I thought he was strong

And courageous to boot

But he just used me

And he had a hoot


How pathetic am I?

It’s three in the morning

And he is all I can think of

And my poems to him; adorning


I get so damn mad

He’s still in my head

He is all I can think of

Nothing else instead


It just goes to prove

It’s him that I love

Although I can’t have him

Despite begging help from above


He’s obviously a legacy

I must now live with

But the sincerity of my love

I will never misgive


A Woman’s Hand


I’ve scaled a mountain

That others could not see

I scaled it alone

I scaled it for thee


I endured depression

Caused from losing you

Spent years in darkness

And conquered that too


The strangest thing

That came from all this

There was nigh a man around

When I needed any assist


Each and every time

I was about to plummet

It was a woman’s hand

With which I was met


Each and every time

Tapping on my shoulder

Was a woman’s hand; and

An offer to bolster


Are men so blind?

They really can’t see

The plight of others’

And just leave them be


Is it really?

All about them

Unlike women who are there

Time and time again


Poetry; My Gift


God graced me with a gift

My gift; undiscovered for 50 years

Loving you; excavated the gift

Then you ran; leaving me in tears


Now I’ve found my gift

I’ve accepted what I’ve been given

And through my poetry and words

I’ve never been so driven


My poetry; now published

Can reach around the world

Adorned with an Australian flag

Flying proud and unfurled


You were the single source

Of my greatest pleasure

And also my greatest pain

Yet you remain my only treasure


I walked away from my former

And never shed a tear

With you for fourteen months; and

I cried for more than a year


I would have traded everything

Everything for you; you see

And I’d do it all in a split second

But you wouldn’t let ‘us’ be

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