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Ginger Ale

In Search of the Lost Chord Genre Rating
Author Ian R Kaye ShortStories General

First Chapter

In Fossil cave on the beach live the Shellies. Summer had been welcomed weeks ago. The Shellies along with their friends had been having fun on the beach playing such  games as 'Shellball' and  ‘Castle Counter. '



The time was fast approaching for the Last Night of the Promenades or (as it was known locally) ‘the Last Night of the Proms.' All  creatures who lived on or nearby would gather by the promenade to sing songs to thank the Summer and to welcome the arrival of Autumn. All would have a truly happy Funday. During the party the Sea Urchins (conducted by Doe) would perform songs and dance .

The older Sea Urchins had deep voices and were called  the  ‘major chords,' whilst the younger Urchins had softer voices and were known as the  ‘minor chords.' Rehearsals were due to take place that afternoon and all was  going well until Star said;
"Where are the younger Urchins,  So, La and Te?”        

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