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Satanic Living

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Book 4 of the 5 Planets
Nonfiction Religion and Spirituality Self-realization
Spiders Along the Dark Web
Fiction Science fiction Short stories
Crazyism 3: A Spiritual Healing
Nonfiction Psychology Mental health
The Satanic Book
Nonfiction Religion and Spirituality Blasphemy, Heresy & Apostasy
Nature's Wisdom
Nonfiction Inspiration General self-help
Ocean Drowning
Fiction Fantasy General
Six-Word Lessons for a Trustworthy Drone Business: 100 Lessons to Optimize the Drone Entrepreneur/Client Relationship
Nonfiction Business & Economics Starting up
The Falklands War, 1982: Official U.S. Navy Report on Lessons Learned and Military Analysis of the British Execution of the Recapture of the Falkland Islands, Operation Corporate
Nonfiction History Military Military / Naval
Remembering Majyk (The Skazka Chronicles #1)
Fiction Young adult or teen Fairy Tales
Busting Out
Fiction Romance Contemporary
Busting In
Fiction Romance Contemporary
A Colorful Balloon Ride
Fiction Children’s books Concepts / Colors

Layers of Confusion
Nonfiction Social Science Christian studies
L'Éveil, comment ne pas y laisser a peau
Nonfiction Self-improvement Personal Growth / General

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