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Ginger Ale

Author Felicity Brandon

Writer of scorching shorts laced with BDSM, spanking and menage, amongst other kink.

Author of 'The Abduction' and 'Disciplinary Action'.

Look out for 'Customer Service'... coming in June 2013!!

A message from me...

Howdy Goodreaders,

I have been writing stories for many years. Writing allows me a creative outlet to express my ideas, and voice my opinions, and I've always loved it. Then a few years ago, I stumbled across Felicity in my inner psyche! She was screaming to be heard, so she started to write for me as well... except the words she penned were darker, steamier, and more taboo...

Writing tales of erotic intensity and sensual hedonism is pure heaven for me, and fortunately I have met other writers and publishers, who agree that they are actually pretty hot too!

Felicity's first work "Disciplinary Action" was published at the end of last year by​​​​​​​​​​ Xcite Books.

Since then her words have flowed, and she now has many stories in the offing. You can catch some of them soon from Wildheart (at The Oleander Press).

Watch this space for more heart pounding, pulse-racing, toe-curling erotica!

(Please note that my work has adult themes, and contains graphic sex descriptions... you have been warned!)

Books by Felicity Brandon