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Ginger Ale

Author A. Tennessee Nutt

A, Tennessee Nutt is a pen name for a grandmother who lives in New York City. She was born in Tennessee and is a bit of a nut, so the borrowed name fits perfectly. Tennessee is a quiet person who enjoys reading old census records, old newspapers and old books. After growing up overseas she became interested in genealogical research on her American ancestors. In the process she began collecting interesting names-- some related and most unrelated-- and also found herself researching totally unrelated people out of pure curiosity. These people were sometimes neighbors of ancestors, but frequently a name or other item in a census just caught her attention. As a result of all this seemingly random research efforts she began to have a better sense of American history as it played out in the lives of "ordinary" people. Tennessee believes there are really no "ordinary" people. They all have unique stories and situations and she is endlessly by the complexity and cultural variety of Americans.

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