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Author Jimena Novaro

As a child I had to try everything.

I grew up speaking English and Spanish, as my father hailed from Argentina and my mother from the United States, and we moved constantly between both countries. I lived in a lot of different places in my early years, and saw a lot of different things. My parents were both wildlife biologists with doctorate degrees, and they encouraged me to be curious and explore the world around me. So I did.

Every time I saw something I liked I had to make my own version. This resulted in a lot of handmade card games, board games, toys made out of various materials, songs, movies, maps, video games, and of course, books and stories.

My first desire was to be a wildlife biologist. That didn’t last long; soon I opted for being a paleontologist (dinosaurs constituted one of my earliest obsessions), then film director, musician, video game designer, actress, horse-trainer and breeder, and even astronaut. Writing was always at the back of my mind, though. I wrote story after story as a child, and at the age of nine wrote my first (largely incoherent) novel. In my pre-adolescence and adolescence I wrote over two dozen novels, although none of them revised or organized into a publishable form.

After alternating between the United States and Argentina for many years my family and I settled down in Junin de los Andes, Argentina, where we live now. I’m now working on a young adult urban fantasy novel called Blue Rabbit and publishing a free serialized epic fantasy novel called The Withering Sword on my website.

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