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Author Ash Omurah

Ash Omurah, née Atsushi Omura(大村あつし), is a mixed media writer who pens works of fiction with film and stage adaptations in mind. He debuted in 1996 as an IT writer with a book on VBA, a programming language built into Microsoft Office, and has since published more than 40 books on IT-related topics. In 2004 alone, he managed to place nine books among the top 14 VBA books on, and he was introduced on a TV show as “Japan’s top IT writer.” After publishing a business management book and a self-help book (which was also a bestseller), Omurah debuted as a fiction writer with Every Little Thing in 2007. He has been referred to as “a magician of the unexpected” thanks to his intricately woven plots, as well as “the Prince of Tears” for his sensitively depicted characters and life-affirming storylines. Other major works include Every Little Thing 2, Mugen Loop (Infinite loop) and Kai-kun no Kimochi (From Kai To You).

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