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Author Sheila Renee Parker

Hi everyone, I'm Sheila Renee Parker!

     I'm  an author, an illustrator and also a poet with achievements recognized worldwide by The International Who's Who in Poetry.

     My novel, The Spirit Within, is about a young lady named Cassandra Blakemore. Who is Cassandra Blakemore? Well, to her friends and family she's simply known as Cassy who's got the perfect life. She attends college, has a cute boyfriend, awesome friends and loving relatives. Except that charming boyfriend, Raleigh, ends up being her worst nightmare. One minute he's a sweet and caring guy, then when he has a few drinks, he completely flips out by becoming abusive in ways that Cassy's never seen before. 

     After experiencing what has tragically broken Cassy's heart, she eventually flees to another city in search of a new beginning. But just when everything finally starts to go well, Cassy realizes that even she isn't who she thinks she is.

     She soon discovers abilities that she never knew existed within her. Powers like premonition, telekinesis and levitation. This all too familiar story comes with a supernatural twist that will delight every reader. 

     Interested in seeing what some really amazing people are saying about The Spirit Within? Then check out their comments and ratings at You can join my blog there as well. 

     I even have an exciting children's book titled, Sydney & John. This great little story is about how true friendship can triumph over bullying. It's the first installment in my children's series. The second book titled, Sydney & John in Middle School Jitters, will be released soon. It's a fun story about how the acceptance of change can be a positive thing. 

Find my books at, and also at 

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