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Author S.R. Roddy

Married with five children, three cats and one very large dog, I live happily in a small town north of Austin, Tx. An ordinary housewife, I spend most of my day homeschooling my two remaining teenage children. With the help and support of my family, I spend my spare time writing with the desire to share my creativity with other readers like myself.

An avid reader, I will read any genre if I'm drawn to the story line. I enjoy a good mystery, but my true love is romance. It doesn't have to be a HEA for me to enjoy it; at times I even prefer it not to be. Historical and paranormal romances have become my favorite over the years, each satisfying a need inside me to experience a new world and adventure.

Every Friday I spend a few hours of my time doing shout outs and re-tweets of free and cheap books ($2.99 or less) as a way to support both authors and the reading community.

I’m the author of a total of six self published romance stories, spread out over three series. All of my tales contain some sexual content. Anything from heavy petting to full blown sexual contact, but in each instance I try to touch on the emotional side of a relationship.

My first completed series is a contemporary romance that originally consisted of three short stories, which I recently combined into one book. Danes Family: The Complete Series follows the crazy romance of two brothers and the woman they love.

My MacKay’s Series is an ongoing historical romance with paranormal elements. To date it consists of the short novelette, Love in the Mist, that inspired the series and its follow up story, Mists Through Time. Book Three in the series, To Embrace a Highlander was released earlier this year.

I just released Book One, Tonight’s Desire, for my new paranormal series, Volkoff Pack. This series is set in an alternate timeline to our own, in which paranormal beings exist. Each story revolves around the lives of different members of a werewolf pack. Book Two, Love's Forbidden Embrace is set for release in December.

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