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Ginger Ale

Author BubbaHarold

As a journalist and observer of mankind, I have more questions than answers. Sort of like an inquisitive child, still eager to learn.

I believe this is where I'm offered the opportunity to blow smoke about myself. Strow out a few hundred yards of BS. Inform you of the grandiose magnitude of my intellectual powers. Enter a braggadocio statement or two regarding my achievements. List my writing awards. Let my ego take over. Smooze you into believing that you are reading the words of a masterful author. Sell myself to you. Make you want to buy my works. Ain't gonna happen. I'm not that kind of person. I see myself as a writer. More specifically, a writer of sorts.

I write not for you, but for me. I write not for profit, but for release. I write not for grammatical correctness, but for the flow. If it flows, it goes. Basically, I have fun with my pen. Isn't that the way it supposed to be?

I don't experience writer's block. I don't try to force out of me what's not in me. I do, though, have periods of lethargic literary laziness. Do nada. Just step back and watch the world go by. Observe. Absorb. Analyze. Filter. Categorize. Ingest. Regurgitate. Spew forth words onto paper. If you happen to like them...yippie. If not, well, so be it. I'll survive. Besides, they are only words. Letters arranged in such a manner so as to convey a thought. And, my thoughts are mine. No one can take that from me. If I don't give them, the world won't come to an end. Although, I might. Therefore, I write so that I may be.

And...that's all that matters.

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