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Napoleon by Stanley Kubrick - Original script

Author Richard Bunning

My author bio is different to the holistic me thing. Should it be? I'm never sure. Anyway, I find that writing the me thing is way too difficult- I write fiction, and presently not a lot else. Interest in being wordy goes way back, to the womb or something. Do we ever know what makes us I? However, as far as you may be interested, I started writing some long way past biological maturity. A bit like a hard cheese, I had produced nothing worth consumption until after a long period of seasoning, or was it molding? My current output is speculative (science) fiction and mixed genre short stories. In the past I have "play"ed around with the works of great others, most notably the neoclassical playwright Jean Racine. Oh! Just so you know, I'm a dyslexic. Is that okay? Well, you judge. Why, even tell you - so threatening my credibility in your eyes? Just to let you know that with the help of good editors we can all let our stories out. Behind the eyes of every reader lies a library of stories. There is also the fact that at least a little non-fiction is necessary to a bio, whatever rubbish I said at the beginning. Hardly holistic then, but at least a tiny slice of a partial truth. All that matters is to be read. Thank you so much for the moments you have given to me already. And especially thank you, for every other minute you ever spend reading my published works, book reviews and variably ridiculous social net-workings.

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