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Bounty's Flame

Author Charles R Stubbs

I have earned my living by writing for more than 12 years. Previously a senior executive in the UK telecommunications industry, since 2001 I have crafted sales and marketing literature for major organisations - some of them household names - enabling them to improve their business performance.

'Web of Deceit' is my first eBook. A thriller set in North Wales in 1999, it examines how the media can manipulate public opinion, and how the internet has the potential to affect the lives of ordinary people.

My second book in the Travis #WebOfDeceit series involves the same group of characters five years later. In ‘Retribution’, the focus is on the activities of the UK press (some of them illegal) that came under the spotlight in the Leveson Inquiry. The novel shows how innocent people’s lives could be turned upside down by dubious media practices.

My blog at deals with issues relating to the media and their influence over our lives.

I live in the UK in the Midlands. When I'm not writing or working in my garden, I like to go birdwatching. I have incorporated this hobby into my books. This does make the stories somewhat unique - along with the fact that the action takes place in North Wales!

You can follow me on Twitter: @charlesrstubbs

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